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Editorial Lynx Esta es la primera guía completa de las 434 especies de aves marinas del mundo, tras la publicación de la guía de Harrison en 1983: Seabirds: An Identification Guide. Cubre todas las aves marinas conocidas, empezando con los patos marinos y somormujos y acabando con los cormoranes y pelícanos. Espléndidamente ilustrada y detallada, a lo largo de sus 600 páginas proporciona un tratamiento completo de todas las especies de aves marinas conocidas, incluidas las especies recientemente redescubiertas y raramente vistas. En 7-10 días laborables lo tendrás en casa. Con suerte un poquito antes :)
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The Biology And Conservation Of Wild Felids
Oxford Biology
The editors utilize their 50 years of combined experience in professional engagement with the behaviour and ecology of wild felids to draw together a unique network of the world's most respected and knowledgeable experts. For the first time, this inter-disciplinary research programme is brought together within a single volume. Beginning with a complete account of all 36 felid species, there follow 8 comprehensive review chapters that span all the topics most relevant to felid conservation science, including evolution and systematics, felid form and function, genetic applications, behavioural ecology, management of species that come into conflict with people and control of international trade in felid species, conservation tools/techniques, ex situ management, and felid diseases. 19 detailed case studies then delve deeply into syntheses of the very best species investigations worldwide, written by all the leading figures in the field. These chapters portray the unique attributes of the wild felids, describe their fascinating (and conflicting) relationship with humans, and create an unparalleled platform for future research and conservation measures. A final chapter analyses the requirements of, and inter-disciplinary approaches to, practical conservation with cutting-edge examples of conservation science and action that go far beyond the cat family.
  En 7-10 días laborables lo tendrás en casa. Con suerte un poquito antes 🙂
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Wildlife Management and Conservation: Contemporary Principles and Practices
Edición 2020. Springer
This book provides a thorough, up-to-date examination of conservation biology and the many supporting disciplines that comprise conservation science. In this, the Third Edition of the highly successful Conservation Biology: Foundations, Concepts, Applications, the authors address their interdisciplinary topic as it must now be practiced and perceived in the modern world. Beginning with a concise review of the history of conservation, the authors go on to explore the interplay of conservation with genetics, demography, habitat and landscape, aquatic environments, and ecosystem management, and the relationship of all these disciplines to ethics, economics, law, and policy. An entirely new chapter, The Anthropocene: Conservation in a Human-Dominated Nature, breaks new ground in its exploration of how conservation can be practiced in anthropogenic biomes, novel ecosystems, and urban habitats. The Third Edition includes the popular Points of Engagement discussion questions used in earlier editions, and adds a new feature: Information Boxes, which briefly recap specific case histories described in the text. A concluding chapter offers insight into how to become a conservation professional, in both traditional and non-traditional roles. The authors, Fred Van Dyke and Rachel Lamb, draw on their expertise as field biologists, wildlife managers, consultants to government and industry, and scholars of environmental law, policy, and advocacy, as well as their many years of effective teaching experience. Informed by practical knowledge and acquired skills, the authors have created a work of exceptional clarity and readability which encompasses both systemic foundations as well as contemporary developments in the field. Conservation Biology: Foundations, Concepts, Applications will be of invaluable benefit to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to working conservation scientists and managers.
Este libro es más complejo de buscar, pero tranquilxs que Zaida lo encuentra. Por eso puede tardar hasta un mes en llegar. Si lo pides te escribiremos para decirte fecha de llegada aproximada. Con suerte puede llegarte un poquito antes 🙂
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